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USB Stick Data Recovery

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We have 15 years of extensive experience in recovering your data from USB memory sticks. Our highly professional expert can help you in recovering the data that might otherwise be considered lost.
USB Stick Recovery

Software Fault £149

2-3 Days

Mechanical Fault£199

2-3 Days

Critical Service £495

1 Day

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USB Memory Sticks Commonly Encountered Problems:

USB memory sticks are built up with delicate firmware and hardware. Its mechanism allows the users to save the data and reuse it on the go. Well, like other storage devices, it can suffer from problems. Degradation of its electrical components and corruption of the EEPROM due to high-temperature cam damage the USB stick. If you are facing any issues while accessing the data stored in the stick, then contact us now to recover it.

Damage of Adaptor or Port of USB memory stick:

It is the EEPROM of USB stick which stores the data. It can hold different types of data having different sizes and formats. If the EEPROM mistreated, it can make the USB stick unrecognizable or unreadable. Well, we can access those data and also can retrieve those using latest technology.

Firmware Failure in USB Memory Stick:

Firmware in the memory card helps to keep it functioning. Outdated firmware can create issues. It is also quite difficult to install firmware in USB memory stick. So, the best option for you will be to recover data from the damaged USB stick. For this job, you can contact us.

Accidentally Formatting or Deletion of USB Stick:

The most common problem that we deal with when restructuring the data from USB sticks is accidental formatting or deletion. Such events are common and can be done by just pressing the wrong mouse button. There are also fewer chances of success in recovering data from USB stick after such event. But, we have been doing such jobs for 15 years and can retrieve the data without damaging your data.

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