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Easy Data Recovery UK are experts in Computer Data Storage Data Recovery for both private and commercial clients. Specialising in External Hard Drive Recovery, Hard Disk Drive (HDD), Raid Server and SD Card or USB Storage Media File Recovery. Our Data salvaging Engineers provide high quality, professional laboratory Data Recovery Solutions for manufacturer defects, human error, malware, and viruses, or freak accidents.

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We have 33 data recovery centres across the UK for your convenience. These are located in Birmingham, Cambridge, London, Guildford, Leeds, Bristol, Manchester, Maidenhead, Plymouth, Swansea, Newcastle, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Southampton, Leicester, Peterborough, Hull, Exeter, Liverpool, Coventry, Cardiff, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Nottingham, York, Swindon, Belfast, Sheffield, Staines, Aberdeen, Reading and Brighton.

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We will do our very best to recovery your data. Our No Fix No Fee Policy means if we can't recover it you don't pay for it.

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We deal with SMEs, large companies and corporations, government bodies and the individual home PC user.

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Hard disk recovery

Over the UK we have 33 specialist Data Recovery Laboratories which means there is a high chance one of our local Data Recovery Centres is near you. We offer an easy solution to retrieving lost, deleted, corrupted, inaccessible, or damaged computer file data. Or vital assistance in cases of virus attack or recover overwritten data files. We specialise in all known storage media regardless of brand like USB Devices, external Hard-drives (HDD or SSD) Camera SD Cards, or laptop or computer. Our work does not void any warranty. We can work on any level from a few lost files in your block data storage to complex Computer file management forensic recovery.  
Easy Data Recovery services both private clients or the commercial sector, and our professional Data Recovery Service is both quick and cost effective in providing easy recovery. We service all major brands including Apple, Sony, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Dell, Acer, Toshiba, Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Asus, and many more. Please find below all the media storage types we can work with, and if you do not see your brand listed, just contact us to see if we can help and for a free quote. We are so confident in our file recovery service that we offer a "No fix - No fee" Guarantee!
Our most frequently provided Data Recovery service is recovery from failed, damaged or corrupted External/Portable or Internal Hard Drives.  The Hard Disk Drive (HDD) appeared in 1956 as secondary storage device for computers, until the introduction of the solid-state drives (SSD) which provide better reliability due to higher storage density and data-transfer rates. Hard Drives are non-volatile electro-mechanical data storage devices, which retain stored data even without power. This means that in event of malfunction, accidental damage, system failure, or deletion, salvaging data files is possible by partitioning them away from the OS system files.

Data Loss

The experience of unexpectedly losing Data of irreplaceable digital files is more than an inconvenience. Often this computer file data has sentimental value or in some cases would require re-doing work which would take hours/days/weeks. Data Loss occurs when there is information system error on your computer hard drive. File data is destroyed by system failure in the storage, or the processing or transmission state. Information systems by design have regular restore point backups to assist in recovery in instances of file system corruption. Operating systems have data loss prevention processes and of course there is software to salvage or restore lost data files. Loss of computer file data can be for many reasons, commonly hardware failure or human error. Other reasons could include:
  • Accidental or intentional file deletion of a program or digital file.
  • Misplacement or loss of data storage device such as USB, External Hard Drive, Memory Sticks, CD's or other.
  • Administration or Human error.
  • Operating system unable to read unknown file format
  • Power failure causing volatile memory data not being saved to permanent storage memory.
  • Hardware failure, such as a head crash in a hard disk
  • Software freeze or crash, so data cannot be saved.
  • Software bugs
  • Business failure (bankruptcy) of a software vendor who ceases operational trading
  • Data corruption, file system corruption, or data corruption.
  • Natural disaster, like flood or fire.
  • File camouflage by Hacking, sabotage, worm, virus, SQL injection, or theft of physical media.
We strongly advise against trying to fix the issue yourselves using free data recovery software, Disk Partition Recovery or Rescue discs, as the sooner the corrupted drive is off and sent to an expert, the higher the chances of total electronic file recovery. Common issues for hard drive failure are water damage, overheating, parts failure, impact damage, power failure, corrupted files and human error. All can be overcome and the data recovered as long as the hard drive platters are undamaged. 

File corruption

A corrupted computer file is because its contents have been written or overwritten to the file system in a method that renders it unreadable, either by a human or more likely software crash or failure. In cases where an original exists, the previous version of the file can often be recovered. But in cases where the original file was created corrupt when written to the hard disk, there may be nothing to salvage.
Files could become corrupt because:
  • Power down of computer or external hard drive in the process of saving.
  • Interruption of download.
  • Hard drive bad sector issue.
  • Non safely removal of USB flashdrive
  • Flash drive failure
  • Malicious computer virus
While external backing up of important files is an arduous task, this does give the option of data restore if required.

Data Recovery Process

We use a specialised cleanroom Data recovery lab with a service area (computing) where we can use a advanced technique called MFSTM (Magnetic Force Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy) to salvage data. We also provide a computer forensics expert service for recovery of Crypto-shredded, encrypted, hidden electronic file or hidden directory which can occur in virus attacks or ransomware. There are four main phases of a successful Data recovery process, depending on the type of data corruption and the level of damage to the device.
Phase 1
We repair the hard disk drive to get it running so the data is readable. This may required parts to be fixed or replaced, like the heads, spindle motor or the printed circuit board (PCB). It may require moving of the platters and heads to a new drive.
Phase 2
We then create an image of the failed hard drive data hierarchy to prevent further damage loss. This soft copy is worked on to preserve the source drive and maximise the level of data recovery.
Phase 3
We perform a logical recovery of data files by scanning the file directory system area and crosslinked file. Investigating route cause analysis of the corruption, and attempt to repair the partition table or master boot record (MBR). The aim is to read the file systems data structure, essential in the retrieval of salvage data.
Phase 4
We reconstruct the drive sector flat file database to make the data and file system readable again. This enables the corrupted data to be recovered or reconstructed, and moved to a new data source device that we can return to you.

Photo Recovery

Photo Data Recovery and Picture Recovery is also a common service. This could relate to USB Flash Drives/Memory Sticks, Mobile Phones, or SD Card Recovery. And also perhaps a lost backup of photo files on internal or external hard-drives. We have a proven success rate of fully recovering photos with SD card data recovery in cases of damage, corruption and accidental deletion. It is important to point out that due to file system fragmentation, on average 16% of JPEGs are fragmented. This means that free photo recovery software has a lower success rate, and likely will partially recover photos or appear corrupt. Our data recovery methods give a better chance of full recovery, but fragmentation may still occur. If you are looking for a specific photo set we can search by filename and try to prioritise this.

Data Recovery Services

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