Crypto Wallet Recovery

Crypto Wallet Recovery

No Wallet - No Fee!

No wallet - No fee means if we don't recover your wallet you don't pay us.

We are experts in recovery Bitcoin Wallets, Ethereum Wallets, Litecoin Wallets and Dash Wallets. We have recovered 100's of wallets for our clients over the years.
Crypto Wallet Recovery

Wallet Password 25%


Deleted Wallet 25%


Failed Hard Drive 25%


Need Help Recovering your Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum Wallet?

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Wallet Data Recovery Services for Bitcoin Ethereum, DRK & Litecoin Wallets

We have recovered from all types of Crypto wallets including Bitcoin Wallets, Ethereum Wallets, DRK Wallets and Litecoin Wallets. We have specialist engineers that have completed hundreds of wallet recovery services for our clients around the globe.

Professional Wallet Password Recovery Services:


Bitcoin, Ethereum, DRK and Litecoin wallets are encrypted.

If you have forgotten your password we can help recover the contents of your wallet.

We have created a niche data Crypto Wallet password decryption service that uses brute force techniques to find your correct password. For this service to work you need an idea of what password is.

We can decrypt Bitcoin, Litecoin, DRK & Ethereum wallets. We can also decrypt all Crypto wallets with this service.


Deleted Bitcoin, Litecoin, DRK & Ethereum Wallet:


Your Crypto wallet has been removed from your hard drive. This has been completed either by formatting the hard drive, reinstall of operating system, deletion by mistake etc. If you have completed this there is a high chance we can recover your wallet.




John Davies – England – 6 Bitcoins fully recovered from a deleted wallet, well worth 25%. 1st class service.

Mary Burns Ireland – Recovered our DRK wallet within 5 days. Complicated setup as the wallet needed recovered from a raid 5 system that was deleted and reset and data copied to it. well worth 25% of wallet. Very professional service.

Avinash Dakshini – USA – Recovered 500 Ethereum that I thought was lost from my failed external hard drive that was clicking. Very happy with getting my Ethereum back.

Stefan Chauvet – Sweden – I run an Art Gallery in Sweden and got paid 20 bitcoins several years ago for a painting. Hard drive failed, got several companies in Sweden to look at it and could do nothing. Sent it here and got my wallet recovered. Now backed up to a hard wallet. Fantastic service.




Should you trust us with your wallet?


We are a specialist data recovery company in business 16 years. We got paid in Bitcoin for a recovery job we completed 3.5 years ago and since then we have been involved in data recovery from Bitcoin and other wallets. We have completed hundreds of wallet recovery jobs over the last 3 years. Both parties will sign a contract before recovery starts with the fees included in contract. That way the client and ourselves are legally covered.


Why Should I Choose You to Recover My Wallet?


We are based in the UK. We have recovered wallets for clients from Korea, USA, Europe, Australia, South Africa. We offer a niche service which we believe cannot be matched by anyone else. Our expertise in wallet recovery is 2nd to none.




Our normal fee is 25% of the wallet contents. We will confirm costs once you provide us details of the problem and contents of wallet. This fee is only payable if we recover your wallet. This fee can be negotiable depending on wallet contents.




A standard recovery takes 5 working days to run. If it is a complicated recovery for example from a raid system it can take longer.


How to proceed?
  • Send us details of what your problem is via the online form on contact page. We will then send you a quote and timescales for recovery.
  • Forgot Password: You will need to send us your wallet files and what you think password is.
  • Deleted Wallet: We need the original hard drive sent to us. These days you can send us a package from anywhere in the work by courier to arrive within 2-3 days.
  • Failed Hard Drive: We need the hard drive sent into us as above.


If you need more details on our Wallet recovery services send us a message on our contact page and one of our engineers will get back will get back to you ASAP.

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