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We have 15 years of extensive experience in recovering your data from RAID servers. Our highly professional expert can help you in recovering the data that might otherwise be considered lost.
Raid Recovery

Software Fault From £495

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Critical Service From £995

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Common Problems in RAID Servers:

Through RAID serve, you can do data storage and retrieval from different drives at the same time. The RAID servers can be used in big corporations, business houses and homes. Heavy usage of the hard drives inside them can damage them. Sometimes firmware issues can lead to RAID server failure. We have enough experience in dealing with RIAD server issues and can retrieve the data after RAID server disk failure.

Defective Mechanism Leads to RAID Server Failure:

Mechanism failure in RAID server can develop malfunction in the drive. If you are not eliminating such issues immediately, it can create massive issues and huge data loss. Suffering from a RAID server failure? Contact us now, and our expert will give you best advice for data recovery.

Failure during Rebuilding of RAID Server:

The rebuilding of a RAID server is quite complex. After RAID server rebuild, you may face problems like boot failure or unsuccessful data restoration. We can assist you with a successful RAID server rebuild. Our experts know how to retrieve data from RAID array after unsuccessful RAID rebuild.

Firmware Failure in RAID server:

Firmware carries information and regulates the RAID server. If it gets out of date and corrupted, it will affect other RAID drivers, and you will be not able to store the data. During firmware update, you can face issues, and that will affect the communication in RIAD servers. Well, if you have such problems, then no need to worry now. We have experts who know how to recover data from a RAID drive damaged after firmware corruption.

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