Linkstation Recovery

The Buffalo Linkstation is a Network Storage Device (NAS) that can be used either at home or in the office space for the storage of high volumes of data such as photos, music, video, and the likes.

There are a variety of different Buffalo Linkstations available including 1 Terabyte and 2 Terabyte (2x1TB) versions and models, which allow the provision of 4 RAID drives that, can be taken from one location to another in order to provide the user or network users with high-speed storage.

They even come equipped with access from the Internet that allows the users to access them via their smart phone device whilst on the move. The Pro Quad version comes complete with a 1.6ghz process and a selection of DDR3 RAM that when utilised can make for excellent high speed streaming both over network and Internet.

Using the Pro Quad Linkstation enables the use of Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 5 and Raid 10 settings that enhance arrays whereby the user can have all four drives operating at once or indeed two pairs of drives mirroring the others; the choice of how to configure these networked storage devices is entirely at the behest of the user.

The Buffalo Linkstation has, for all of its abilities to provide the user with great storage, also the ability to provide the user with problems aplenty when it comes to storing information on the hard drive and as such there are a great many problems that can arise.

Many different error codes are displayed along with flashing LEDs on the display and indeed a great deal of these codes relate to nothing as innocuous as the unit being too warm or indeed the fan inside the unit working too hard to keep cool.

However that said when these machines begin to display error codes ranging from E13 through to E30 then one should err on the side of caution as this selection of error codes relates to individual problems with the hard disc drives inside.

For example the display of the error code E22 depicts to the user that the mounting of a hard drive has failed and as such for whatever reason will need to be remounted. Failure to remount the drive – as often happens when this error code is displayed – ultimately requires replacing the drive in question. As the drive cannot be mounted therefore the Buffalo Linkstation will not allow the user to move, copy, or even access the information held on the drive reported as failing and can result overall in the loss of a great amount of data.

E30, another common error code, informs the user that a particular hard drive has been moved from the array and therefore is no longer usable and again the loss of data can occur if the user – or network administrator – is not in a position to seek professional assistance in recovering the data; to this end this is where comes in. can help you recover, safely and cost effectively, the information held on any drive that is fitted inside a Buffalo Linkstation; be it a drive from the 1TB, 2TB or Pro Quad range.