Apple Mac Air Repair

Apple Mac have been producing desktop computers and laptops of high quality for some time now and in conjunction with their excellent Wi-Fi and Air Print features they have become something of the machine of choice for designers and the ordinary user alike.

The downside to these machines – just like any other laptop – is that there can be unforeseen hard disk drive problems that can leave the user disgruntled and frustrated and possibly on the verge of losing valuable information and data ready to be consigned to history if it cannot be retrieved.

One popular problem with Apple Mac Air drives is the issue of missing space. A user may perform regular housekeeping on their machine and recognize that they should have a designated amount of space available only to discover upon checking that this is not the case. And when this happens we are not simply talking about the occasional megabyte of missing space.

Sometimes many tens if not hundreds of gigabytes of space can suddenly disappear without warning and when the user checks their disk management setup it may report a smaller hard drive than is actually installed. This is the first sign that there is a hard drive malfunction.

You may find that other Apple users urge you to reinstall your version of Lion or Snow Leopard in order to repair the problem and although for some this may work it does not always follow that the problem is one of a software nature.

Many disk drives can exhibit the first signs of wear and tear by ‘losing’ disk space without any problems actually being attributed to the operating system. Again some users may opt for the application of third party software in the quest for their missing space and although this may seem like a useful idea it can do nothing other than muddy the proverbial waters.

It is advisable as a user – domestic or otherwise – to follow the notion that if space suddenly starts to disappear without warning or the appearance of corrupt or needless file structures then there is a disk problem.

Indeed many users report disk failure in a short timeframe after the initial loss of space so if this is the case you should act quickly to ensure the safety of your data.

Rebooting the machine is not always the best possibly in these instances as it has been reported that upon restarting the machine the Apple will simply show the user the classic grey screen with the spinning circle; this equates to the Mac Air finding it difficult if not impossible to access the operating system and its boot sector; a sure fire sign that the hard drive is suffering from some problem.

If this is the case you should contact us here at where we have 14 years experience dealing with Apple Macintosh and the resultant problems that go with theirs and a variety of other hard drives.