Data Recovery Process

Our recovery service is quick and easy to use. Contact us for a quote then send us your storage device. One of our engineers will get back to you with the details of our inspection and then we can get on with the job of recovering your data. Once we’ve recovered your data we will return it to you on a next day service. For a more detailed understanding of the process we undertake please read the following steps.

Data Recovery Process

1 We Offer Expert Data Recovery Advice

Contact us today to discuss your data recovery requirements and take advantage of the wealth of knowledge our experts have at their disposal. In the majority of instances we will be able to give you some indication as to the nature of the fault over the telephone and also suggest a solution. If you like you can bring your faulty storage device into us at one of our 21 offices or you can post or courier it to us.

2A Free Diagnosis And No Obligation Quote

Upon receiving your storage device we will definitively diagnose the problem and contact you within one working day to discuss the nature of the problem, and to offer you the best possible solution needed to recovering it. We will discuss the timescale required in retrieving your data, the format in which you wish your data to be retrieved and the costs incurred in doing so.

3How We Are Able To Recover Your Data

Using specialised Data Recovery solutions and calling upon the years of experience gained by our experts we will determine the best approach to recovering your data. Our highly trained and experienced staff will be able to determine how best to recover the data depending on the nature of the fault and the storage device the fault occurred on.

4Safely Reuniting You And Your Data

Upon the safe recovery of your data we will notify you by email. This email will contain details of the data recovered plus a full directory listing exactly as we have retrieved it. In most cases we recover the data as it was on the host storage device with files and folders fully intact. We accept payment via credit/debit card or bank transfer. Upon successfully receiving payment the data is backed up and returned to you using a next day courier.

Why Choose Easy Recovery?

Here at Easy Recovery, unlike other data recovery companies in the United Kingdom and Ireland, we provide you with a quote for the recovery of your data before you send us your storage device. To this end there can be no surprises regarding the cost and overall this helps to speed up the recovery process. Our prices are fixed unless the storage device has suffered mechanical damage. Again providing you with an initial No Obligation quote allows us to establish the exact nature of the problem and ensures we quote you correctly. The backup we provide as part of the data recovery service includes saving the first 30GBs of data to DATA DVDs, If the entire volume of your data is 30GBs or less there is no charge. If however your backup is larger than 30GBs you will need to purchase an external storage device on which it can be saved. If you need to purchase an external storage device we have a selection in stock that you can choose from.

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