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Camera Media Recovery

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Camera Memory Cards And Their Reasons For Failing:

Memory cards used in cameras and a variety of other devices, which allow for portable storage, can often suffer the loss of data as a result of being dropped, broken, incorrectly formatted or even accidentally deleted. Sometimes even leaving a memory card in direct sunlight or near something that generates a lot of heat or magnetic energy can cause the card to malfunction and your data may become irretrievable – at least to you. We here at can retrieve that data using a specific set of recovery tools and 15-years experience in the data recovery field./p>

Camera Memory Card Read/Write And Physical Storage Problems:

Memory cards can develop read/write errors if they are not correctly looked after. In some instances general wear and tear may lead to the failure of a memory card and likewise problems occurring from badly damaged chips and pins can lead to a host device’s inability to access the data. Our experts can utilize the latest chip reading technology to overcome this problem and restore your lost data and we are proud to say that we have a high success rate in doing so. From damaged connections to your USB port and/or the degradation of the thin oxide layer inside we at can overcome these hurdles that would otherwise prevent you from retrieving your information.

Camera Memory Card Onboard Electronics Disruption:

Just like a hard drive or USB sticks a memory card can suffer data loss and end up unable to function as a result of a jolt of high voltage as a result of a power surge. As the inside of a memory card is very small and all of its circuitry is the product of printed circuit boards an overload of electricity can cause the onboard hardware to literally fry. The oxide layer that allows for the passing of negatively charged electrons can quite simply melt. As a result, you the user, will be unable to access the memory card regardless of what kind of computer you use

Camera Memory Card: Ill Advised Or Accidental Removal Or Formatting Of Saved Data:

Here at we find ourselves dealing with a lot of requests to help reconstitute data that has been lost as a result of accidental deletion or reformatting. Some users set their recycle bin to empty upon dropping a file into it so they cannot retrieve the data if they delete it and formatting the drive renders the data lost to the majority of software on the market that claims to claw it back. Some software will indeed retrieve the data but will not be able to rebuild it in its original format leaving the user with a bill for software that only performs half a function and data that is corrupt

Camera Memory Card Not Responding After Device Freeze Or Unexpected Error:

Problems sometimes arise using memory cards if they have been formatted on machines other than the one you are currently using. In this instance virus detection software can register this as a malicious attack and render the memory card unreadable or can shut down your computer. Indeed there is a greater potential for the passing on of hardware disrupting viruses through memory cards than you might think so if you are suffering from a computer freezing whilst you are in the process of using a memory card contact us at where we will be able to assist you in finding out the whys and wherefores of memory card failure and data inaccessibility

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Sandisk Card Repair


I have been using a Sony memory card in a digital camera. I have taken around 125mb of photographs, which are currently on the card. When I put the card into a card reader, I only get a message saying that the disk needs to be formatted. I know that this is the way to delete the data on my card, and so I have refused to do this so far. I tried to connect the card inside a different card reader, and also by using the camera as the connection, but none of these methods have worked. In all cases, the PC wants to format the drive before it will read the card. I have a number of photographs on the card which are of sentimental value to me, and I want to be able to get them off of the card.


I have a 32GB Transcend flash memory card which is installed in a Canon Powershot camera. The card has previously been formatted to the camera, as instructed by the manufacturer. I have taken a number of pictures, and also recorded a few videos. I tried to download them to the computer, but when I opened up the files, I found that the PC put up a notice saying ‘unidentified image’. There are a number of these files with the indication that they are unidentified, and I cannot get the system to read these. There are a few which are ok, and that I can see as normal. I tried to download the files again, and this time the computer put up an error message, reporting a memory card failure. I have now lost a considerable percentage of the photos and videos which I had stored on the card.

Sandisk Card Repair

Sandisk cards are now becoming the norm when it comes to using digital cameras, card readers and indeed memory cards for use in mobile telephones.

To this end more and more people are using them and becoming increasing reliant on them for the storage of their personal data, information and audiovisual work.

A great deal of people believe that if a Sandisk card suddenly stops working or is physically damaged then that is the end of the information and anything else that is stored on it but that is not the case.

We here at can help you recover the contents of your Sandisk card allowing you to transfer it to another card or CD or DVD.

A common problem with Sandisk cards is the corruption of the registry files. These are the files that – just like a computer’s hard drive – tell both the device and the card into which it is being inserted how it should function. With these files corrupted your card will not function with any device and may not even be recognized.

Other problems likely to occur are the suddenly disappearance of the information contained on the Sandisk card. This may be due to a corruption of the media itself because it has been left in direct sunlight or near extreme heat, or because the disk has been left near a highly magnetic source.

A computer may show your Sandisk card as being visible but it may not allow you to view any of the data contained therein.

You should be aware that although there are many websites online that offer the ability to download free software in order to retrieve the information from your Sandisk card these pieces of software are not entirely reliable and more often than not can cause more damage to the media itself if not to the computer onto which it is installed.

With this in mind it is best to contact us here at where we have a high success rate of retrieving such data with the minimal of fuss and in addition can do so without having the need to install any third party software to your computer system.

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“ I run a local PC shop in Belfast and client had a problem with a Buffalo Linkstation Drive. We have used your data recovery service for several of our clients. 100% record so far in recovering data. ”

John Lyons Belfast

“ A dropped Lacie Rikki External Hard Disk that contained my final years university research work, recovered within 48 hours. Professional service. ”

Magge Boyle Derry

“ A HP Raid 5 Server that had two failed disks. The HP Proliant server contained critical data for a factory, recovery was completed over a weekend so that we could reopen factory on Monday morning. Great work from you guys. ”

Paul O Dowd Enniskillen

“ I am a teacher at St Marys and I dropped my Toshiba laptop that contained 5 years of teaching resources. Data was recovered within 3 days. Thanks for your hard work. ”

St Marys Primary School Newry

“ The hard drive on our Apple iMac contained pictures and video of our children. Mac Store could not recover data, Easy Data Recovery was recommended by Mac Store, many thanks for recovering my iMac Data. ”

Joan Waters Dublin

“ The data was received back from courier today. Many thanks for recovering the data from our Small Business Drobo Server that stores pictures of our clients recent wedding day pictures. ”

Nicola Ward Cork

“ You are a life saver, my business was on the Dell PC computer and you have recovered everything, a speedy service, 5 stars!!! ”

Manny Patel London